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Biosol-P is a phosphate solublising bio-fertilizer. Phosphorous is a major nutrient for plants inducing vigorous growth and also contributing to their disease resistance. Phosphorous helps in root formation and plant growth. The plants utilize only 10-15% of phosphate applied. The balance 85-90% remains in insoluble form in the soil. Biosol-P has highly efficient phosphate solublising bacteria (Bacillus megatarium) that grow and secrete organic acids, which dissolve this unavailable phosphate into soluble form and make it available to the plants. Thus, the residual phosphate fertilizers in the soil can be well utilized and external application can be optimized.


Pack Size 5 kg, 10kg, etc
Performance Optimum
Features Highly effective
Purity 99%
Advantage Easy to Use
Maturity 100%

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