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Zoom- Bloom

Zoom-Bloom is a specially formulated, state of the art technology product for delivering maximum Bio-availibility and stress tolerance to plants. It has Biological derivatives containing a mixture of naturally derived cytokinins, mixed sea weed and inherent materials.

The advantages are:

Effectively controls flower dropping.

Provides Organic Nitrogen which the plant can absorb quickly and easily

Plays an effective role in proper respiratory function of the plant.

Helps the plant in overcoming stress condition.

Helps boost energy metabolism in the plant

Helps in effective uptake of nutrition from the soil.

It activates phyto-hormones and other growth substances in the plant.

Increasing the chlorophyll concentration & boosts photosynthesis activities.

Helps in maximizing the growth and yield.


Dose :

Dsissolve 200 gm  powder in 1 liter of water. Now the concentrated solution is ready. Use @ 6 ML per liter of water. Spray twice on the plant at interval of ten days. First spray to be done  preferably near the period of flowering.

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