Jay Enterprises


We are prime Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of wide range of Biofertilizers in the market. Our range of Biofertilizers includes Biboost, Biobact, BioVert and Pseudocare. Our Biofertilizers are made using organic components at our well-equipped manufacturing unit. We can make available these Biofertilizers in different specifications as mentioned by the buyer. We have an efficient logistics system to ensure timely delivery of these Bio Fertilizers.

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MycoVAM contains Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizas (VAM). VAM are symbiotic entophytic soil fungi, which colonize the roots of approximately 80% plants. VAM fungi produce hyphae, which are microscopic tubes that colonize crop roots and grow out into the soil further than root hairs.



Biosol-P is a phosphate solublising bio-fertilizer. Phosphorous is a major nutrient for plants inducing vigorous growth and also contributing to their disease resistance. Phosphorous helps in root formation and plant growth. The plants utilize only 10-15% of phosphate applied.



BioFix-N is a nitrogen fixing bio fertilizer. Nitrogen is a major nutrient for all plants. BioFix-N has highly efficient nitrogen fixing bacteria of azospirillum species. Azospirillum is a very useful to soil and supply 20-40 kg of nitrogen per hectare per season.



Trichon is a bio fungicide that is specially prepared for control of soil borne diseases like root rot, foot rot, rhizome rot, collar rot, stem rot, damping off, wilt, blight, blasts, leaf spot, etc. Not only this.


Super Culture

Aerobic Biocomposting system (Trade name : Super Culture) is a very effective combination of bacterial and fungal species which have been isolated by research team from various biodiversities.


Sugar Enzyme

We present a special biofertilizer Sugar Enzyme available in the market under the brad name of SugarZyme. Its active ingredient is a very significant symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacterium for sugarcane. It was first discovered in high yielding varieties of sugarcane grown in Brazil.



We are prime Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Biboost fertilizers that are made using carefully-selected natural ingredients at our well-equipped manufacturing unit. These Biboost fertilizers reduce addition of harmful chemicals in the soil.



We are prime entity involved in manufacturing, exporting and supplying qualitative range of Biobact fertilizers that are ultimate solution for enriching the nutrient content of the soil.



We are instrumental in offering wide range of eco-friendly Fertilizer that is useful in overall growth and yield-capacity of a plant. BioHIT fertilizer manufactured by us are ultimate supplement to the soil to enhance its fertility and quality by limiting.



Our company is instrumental in developing qualitative range of bio-insecticides in the form of BioVert. This BioVert is made by our experts utilizing fungus that helps in nitrogen-fixation at our laboratory.


Our company is the most sought after Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Pseudocare bio-insecticide from India. This bio-insecticide is developed using naturally grown microbes and natural ingredients along with modern machineries.